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A cynical take on grades


You’re studying hard the day before the midterm, though of course you’re not studying for tomorrow’s midterm.

After all, challenging yourself with learning matrix transformations and eigenvectors while taking LinAlg would be utterly stupid. Challenge means possibly making mistakes which always means an imperfect grade. It makes much more sense to learn all of LinAlg before taking LinAlg. The material’s all there – past recorded lectures and slides, or MIT OCW, or simply attending LinAlg office hours (even though you aren’t enrolled). Then when the time comes, LinAlg would pose absolutely no challenge. Easy A+. You wouldn’t have to learn anything during the course, much less attend it. No, you have bigger things to think about, such as next term’s courses.

So of course you aren’t studying for tomorrow’s midterm. You’ve already studied for it – last term.

Your friend tells you you’re wasting your money going to uni if you’re not benefiting from uni. You say in response that you’re not paying for an education, you’re paying for a degree.

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