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Hi, I’m Marv (they/them).

This is my personal site.

I put whatever I want here.

I study programming languages and HCI. I think programming could be way more intuitive and accessible, and that the best programming languages should let us sidestep the programming step entirely.

I love games of all kinds, particularly thinky puzzle games. Here are my recommendations.

In my free time I play riichi mahjong via Mahjong Soul. I’m learning to read Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. I used to spend a lot of time on traditional roguelikes (particularly NetHack).


My Twitter handle is @justalittlemarv.

If you’re a fellow crustacean, feel free to drop me a message on lobste.rs or on IRC!

this site

This site would not be possible without:

I’m challenging myself to make this site truly static. This means no backend, no JavaScript.

why “temporarytm”

I wanted to write a blog but couldn’t think of a domain name.

So this is a placeholder until I think of a better name.

But we both know that’ll never happen.

My friends call this phenomenon: temporary™.